Commit e80e7cb4 authored by Nishanth Shanmugham's avatar Nishanth Shanmugham Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #23 from remeh/master

layouts: access DateForm and DateFormFull paramx as string.
parents 8fbb5ca0 07da40c3
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
<div class="initials"><a href="{{ .Site.BaseURL }}">{{ .Site.Params.Initials }}</a></div>
<div class="meta">
<div class="date" title="{{ .Date.Format .Site.Params.DateFormFull }}">{{ .Date.Format .Site.Params.DateForm }}</div>
<div class="date" title="{{ .Date.Format (.Site.Param "DateFormFull") }}">{{ .Date.Format (.Site.Param "DateForm") }}</div>
<div class="reading-time"><div class="middot"></div>{{ if eq 1 .ReadingTime }}{{ .ReadingTime }} minute read{{ else }}{{ .ReadingTime }} minutes read{{ end }}</div>
<li class="post-item">
<span class="meta">{{ .Date.Format .Site.Params.DateForm }}</span>
<span class="meta">{{ .Date.Format (.Site.Param "DateForm") }}</span>
<a href="{{ .Permalink }}"><span>{{ .Title }}</span></a>
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