Commit 18e25851 authored by s3kazi's avatar s3kazi

Add vim dots

let g:netrw_dirhistmax =10
let g:netrw_dirhist_cnt =3
let g:netrw_dirhist_1='/u0/s3kazi/a6'
let g:netrw_dirhist_2='/u0/s3kazi/asm'
let g:netrw_dirhist_3='/u0/s3kazi/.vim'
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" colorscheme stuff
set t_Co=256
colorscheme jellybeans
" show existing tab with 4 spaces width
set tabstop=4
" when indenting with '>', use 4 spaces width
set shiftwidth=4
" On pressing tab, insert 4 spaces
set expandtab
filetype plugin indent on
set number
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