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It's a minimalist and responsive theme for Hugo Static Site Generator. It's
name taken from Indonesian Language for *Sweet*.
![Manis' Homepage view](
> Note: Manis going to follow [SEMVER]( scheme from now. It's mean you can clone this repository and be done with it.
![Manis' Mockup Device](
## Features
......@@ -18,7 +20,7 @@ Like I said, it's really minimal. Its doesn't even have grid or anything nice li
- Disqus Support.
- Translatable.
![Manis' Colorful scheme](
![Manis' Homepage view](
## Get Started
......@@ -44,7 +46,7 @@ cd path/to/site/dir
git clone themes/manis
Ensure you have blog and work sections to make this theme works.
Ensure you have `blog` and `work` sections to make this theme works.
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For configuration example you can look at the `exampleSite/config.toml` (and copy that too!). I put some commentary to, hopefully, guide you at using this theme.
### Change Latest Section
By default this theme needs `blog` and `work` section to works. You can edit which sections show up as latest posts and latest works by editing `postSection` and `workSection`. `workSection` is optional.
# Configure which section for Latest Posts
postSection = "blog"
# Configure which section for Latest Works
workSection = "work"
### Disqus Configuration
To add Disqus support, edit your site `config.toml`. Add your discus' shortname to `disqusShortname` and add list of sections that you want to support disqus to `params.disqusSections`:
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