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......@@ -68,9 +68,10 @@ There may be issues if multiple versions of Python are installed on the system.
2. Use `brew install python3`
3. Verify the python version (minimum 3.4) with `python3 --version`
### Installing OpenCV 2
1. OpenCV 2 is the supported version, although OpenCV 3 should work
2. `brew install opencv@2` or `brew install opencv`
### Installing OpenCV 3
1. OpenCV 3 is the required version
2. Build and install with `brew install opencv`
3. Additional steps or dependencies (such as Python 2 and Python 3) listed [here](https://www.learnopencv.com/install-opencv3-on-macos)
## Building Minotaur
Here you can either install CLion and import the project (recommended) or
......@@ -95,6 +96,10 @@ From a fresh install, you will need these packages
sudo apt install build-essential cmake python3 python3-dev qt5-default libudev-dev libopencv-dev
You will need to build OpenCV 3 from source. Download the OpenCV 3 source
and build. It is recommended to build with `USE_QT=ON` instead of GTK.
Additional instructions found [here](https://github.com/BVLC/caffe/wiki/OpenCV-3.3-Installation-Guide-on-Ubuntu-16.04).
Then clone the repository and build with
......@@ -114,6 +119,18 @@ If Qt is unable to detect cameras, make sure to run
sudo apt install libqt5multimedia5-plugins
### Using the GOTURN pretrained model
The default tracker uses the MIL model, and may be configured to use other
tracker models. However, using the GOTURN model requires downloading and
adding to the working directory the architecture descriptor file `goturn.prototxt`
and the pretrained model data `goturn.caffemodel`. The latter is about 350 MB.
These files are hosted [here](https://github.com/Mogball/goturn-files). Once
acquired, add them to the working directory of the `minotaur-cpp` binary or
in the `CMakeLists.txt` directory.
### Building with Debug output off
Configure the CMake project with `cmake -DNO_DEBUG=ON ...`
### Contributing
Please refer to the [Contributing Guidelines](CONTRIBUTING.md).
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