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Add listing files in bash

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......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ Table of Contents:
### Bash
* [`grep`ping text](bash/
* [Listing files](bash/
### C++
* [`const` unless it can't be](cpp/
Listing files
Useful options:
- `-t` List files in order of last modification date, newest first. Using `-r`
command along with it shows it in reverse order, i.e. oldest first.
- `-X` Group the files by extensions. Useful for separating header and source
files, source files and directories, etc.
- `-v` Naturally sort version numbers in filenames. Useful for listing build or
log arfchives.
- `-S` Sort by filesize.
- `-R` List files recursively. This one is especially useful when combined with
`-l` and piped through to `less` or an editor. For example, we could pipe it to
a vim process, so we can add explanations of what each file is for and save it to
a file for bookkeeping or documentation or `README`s:
ls -XRl | vim -
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