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* [`const` unless it can't be](cpp/
### General Programming
* [Ambiguity is the enemy](general-programming/
### Git
* [Configuring using `git config`](git/
Ambiguity is the enemy
A lot of people sometimes argue over others' code saying that "Oh this can be done
in two lines, instead of five", etc. We often forget that typing is not the problem.
Unless a substantial performance can be gained, there is no point in writing ambiguous
code while giving up obviousness and verbosity of the code. It is preferable to
have a 100 lines of code with no bugs than have 2 lines that is buggy.
Often times we think that coding is our way of communicating with the computer.
However, we forget that code also communicates to us what a computer does. As a
result, we spend more time reading our code than the compiler does. Our code has
to be readable to us. There must be no misunderstanding between what the compiler
think we wrote and what we think we wrote. Ambiguity is the enemy.
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